ie9 textarea maxlength ????





Set maxlength of textarea using following JavaScript code.The maxlength attribute specifies the maximum length (in characters) of a text area. document).on(keyup, .ie8 textarea[maxlength], .ie9 textarea[maxlength], function (e) .I implemented maxlength behaviour on textarea recently, and run into problem described in this Description: This is a simple but effective script for extending your textarea with a maxlength attribute, so the users input cannot exceed a certain number of characters. Compatibility table for support of maxlength attribute for input and textarea elements in desktop and mobile browsers. Legend. Im doing some work on IE9 and since that browser does not support the maxlength property for textarea, Ive taken a knockout solution off stack exchange for the maxlength validation. Okay, so I want to add a maxlength to a textarea, however, form api doesnt appear to have a way to do this.Please note that this is limited to limit characters or less., array(limit> maxlength) The maxlength attribute on textarea is new in HTML5.IE 9 reported support on both inputs and textareas but only works on inputs. Setting a maxlength on a textarea. February 15, 2003 10:36 AM.I needed to set a max length of textarea for a project, so I found someone who did it already, and adapted it to my needs. Just for some hstory on this, maxlength on a textarea is a new HTML5 feature which was only first supported by IE in 10. IE 9 and below never supported it. Textarea maxlength IE issue 2012-03-16. I have this code which works perfect on all browser but It is not working on IE.

Not sure the reason. does anybody have any idea please? Redactor.js maxlength textarea mode. How can I specify a maxlength for the Redactor area to prevent the user to introduce to many characters? Unfortunately, HTML provides the maxlength attribute only for text input boxes but not for textareas.var max parseInt((this).attr(maxlength)) if((this).val().length > max) (. Summary.

The textarea (