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I have a question about a textbox in I have an text for example : P-70101002-00089-0, and I want that just this part : "70101002" to be readonly and the other part theThe template is always the same just the numbers change. Is there any opportunity to make it with or any javascript? Based on the value of the radio button clicked, I need to make the text in the textbox text1 readonly and not editable. How can I do this in the javascript function? Any help could be appreciated. Hello Guys, I want to ask about javascript, let say i have a textbox name txtUser, i want to make a function that when i click a button or a text the textbox (txtUser) become readonly. Could you tell me how to do that Set the readonly property of textbox control to true/false. For Example:- document.getElementById("txtdescription"). readOnly trueHow to assign a value to a textbox through javascript? If you need to create a text-box and make it function on a readonly basis within your page, you can do so using a small amount of jQuery code.A read-only disk image file are configured through the files properties, which allows you to lock theHow to Make a Simple Blackjack Game Using Javascript. Readonly and editable textbox? How to use readOnly in javascript.How to make the whole div readonly in

make dropdown item as readonly. Readonly TextBox Isnt Really. Setting the Textbox read only property to true using JavaScript 6 answers.You can set an ASP.NET textbox readonly through javascript. Here is how: < script type"text/javascript"> function setReadOnly(). You can change the readonly textbox using javascript as normal.instead of that we can add the following line of code in the code-behind and make the textbox readonly but still we can retain its changed value at the client through postbacks. Setting Textbox To Readonly?JQuery :: Cannot Make TextBoxes Readonly In IE7How To Make A TextBox Invisible Using Javascript this will remove the readonly attribute from your text box read/writeable (" textbox").removeAttr(readonly)How can I add this function to my blog with JavaScript? JavaScript.Where a text field has been made read-only, this should be indicated by setting aria- readonly"true" on the element.The snippet below shows how the textbox role is added directly into the html source code. How to add text to that textbox? Shaza: Do you mean textbox value? Check my edited answer if you answered as yes, I mean value. Some links How to make textbox readOnly : Fire onchange event for TextBox when readonly is true But when I am trying to update the textbox using javascript Introduction : Hi, Here I will explain how to make TextBox Readonly without using Readonly Property in JavaScript or else in ASP.

This Script Coding works Fine in KeyPress Event of the TextBox. Here Keycode is used for Catching the Keyboard events.Finally this TextBox allows Nothing as a Input Here I will explain how to make or set textbox readonly using JavaScript.