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Are Facebook groups working right now? Is the Facebook app for Android still a resource hog?If they do, which is the best battery saver application for Android? The home trigger button in the Universal Copy app isnt working on my Android Lollipop. The first open-source Facebook app for Android. Artists are you out there? June 29, 2010.Its been approximately 2 years Ive been working with Android and my skills with the platform are exponentially better. I am trying to create a simple login with facebook feature on my phonegap app. Im using Android 4.3, cordova 2.7 and the official phonegap plugin: httpsEverything works fine when the user does not have the native Facebook app installed. Even with these steps, if the app is not working, consider going to Facebook website and report a bug or problem.How to Send Facebook Messenger Messages, Photos and Videos on Android. What is the Other Folder in Messages in Facebook? Users can easily run this app on an Android or on the iOS device.Whenever your FB messenger app doesnt work properly. You need to go to the App Store and check if any updates for the Facebook messenger is available. Facebook app link is not working. link contains the followingAfter tap on app icon,launcher create a new instance of root activity again again. 1. Android - try to connect to Dropbox API version 2.

My Facebook feature is not working properly in my android device. How this can be fixed?Dear friend If your facebook app is not working properly then you should uninstall the app and then again reinstall it from the playstore and I am sure you will have I am trying to create a simple login with facebook feature on my phonegap app. Im using Android 4.3, cordova 2.7 and the official phonegap plugin: httpsEverything works fine when the user does not have the native Facebook app installed. Delete a fb id on Android fb app.Latest system.Categories Games Tags 2016, captioned tutorials, delete, Facebook, Free Tutorials, Google Chrome (Software), hd tutorials, History, How-to (Media Genre), mysteriotv, op, opera web.5 hours ago. Its 1000000000 percent working. If you have the Facebook app installed on your Android device you can use that as a stop-gap until your Messenger app problem is solved.Once you have the Messenger app working again, the Facebook app should stop sending message notifications automatically. Issue 2. Unable to Download the Latest Beta Version of Facebook for Android App. Issue 3. Fail to Move Facebook App to SD Card. Issue 4. Is It Possible to Adjust Mobile Push Notifications from Facebook? To make your android app works flawlessly with Facebook App in debug and production mode, you have to fill in Debug Key Hash and Release Key Hash respectively.

There are two ways to generate those key hashes: through command line and through Java code. Home Android Development Android working with Facebook SDK Implementation.. The android buttons not working has become a major issue for all the android user. However we have found a solution which might sound unorthodox or some of you might also say that why use an external app to run phone buttons? I have an Android application already set up for deep linking via Facebook. Deep links, in particular, work fine when sharing by the Facebook SDK, when the Facebook Android app is not installed on the device. Issues with both the Facebook app and Messenger app arent a rarity on Android mobile devices.The Facebook app crashes are not exactly something you would expect from the premium developers working for Facebook. Not sure how it works on Facebooks end, but it is on Facebooks server end.The setting does not work. I have it set to open links externally, but 25 of articles still open within the app. [on Android 6.x, all apps updated as of 11/2016]. The app name is friendcaster and available on Google Play store. It works similar to default android app on android device, and having great user experience. How To Configure Friendcaster for Facebook on Android Device Due to Facebook Android SDK documentation: every Android app youll create will be signed, and you will need to register each apps key hash with Facebook as a security check for authenticity. To bypass this check for your application import android.app.Activity import android.content.Intent import android.os.Bundle import android.widget.TextView import android.widget.ToastThe application may be doing too much work on its main thread. If your Facebook app for Android isnt working, this could be why. Facebook users across the world were left without access to the social media site over the weekend after the Facebook for Android app stopped working. Manage your Facebook Page, right from your phone. With the Pages Manager app you can stay informed and respond to customers immediately. Mobile posting: post updates and manage your Page without using a computer. Re-login to Messenger on Android.So installing the latest Facebook Messenger could be significantly helpful to fix the video call not working problem. You could first go to Settings > Apps(Applications) > Facebook Messenger. Look here and you will get handy solutions on how to fix YouTube App not working problem on Android.However, some issues may appear during the process like YouTube not working on Android phone and tablet. I have developed a Facebook canvas app, which works fine on the Web, and iOS (mobile web view) however on Android, specifically a Galaxy S4, the app wont load and the Facebook app delivers a message saying It seems that having the Facebook app from android Market installed on device/emulator creates the problem that David and Ranjeet experienced.please help out when i am trying on android 2.2,it is working fine but when i tested it on api 16 it is not working,one more problem is that once a user It might be possible for a 3rd-party app to fix this with a workaround (e.g. Open Link in App app, as mentioned from this answer, but it seems currently its not working, possibly due to change in FB protocol).The Facebook app on Android now supports deeplinking. Facebook is the official Android app for the iconic original social network par excellence.Facebook has been working long and hard to create successful apps that stem from the social networks existing services. Description: Recently I had some issues with my Facebook application not syncing properly. It pulled down most (but not all) of my contacts, and only showed the pictures for maybe 1/3rd of them all facebook sync not working android. What is weird, why does it work with the facebook web login (without the facebook app) !?keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore /.android/debug.keystore | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64. Android smartphone owners struggling to get their Facebook app working should know there are some simple solutions that can make life easier. The root of the problem could be the app or the phone itself — or both. If both the above steps do not work to fix Facebook Authentication Failed error then uninstall the Facebook app. Then re-install the current version of Facebook going to Play Store if you are an android user. Annoying of any messenger app not working android phone and tablet devices?Try below given troubleshooting steps to fix facebook messenger app not working on android phone. Step 1: Uninstall any recent app updates. Facebook friend picker sdk sample not working android. warning: sessionless request needs token but import android.app.application import com.facebook. To create facebook android native app you need to provide your Android application signature in facebook app settings. You can generate your application signature (keyhash) using keytool that comes with java. GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.We are seeing issues with the polyfill not appropriately filling inside the Facebook in-app browser. There are lots of telltale signs that your Gmail app may not be working on Android.share to facebook share to facebook. For proper working of any application that requires the internet, you need to ensure that you keep your Wi-Fi on Always on during sleep mode.Facebook Smart Speaker: All you need to know. Top 5 drawing apps on Android for kids. As long as the only validation that the facebook app does its checking to find if an app with package name com.

facebook.orca is installed on the phone, this should work! Tested and working on most android phones. Do let us know if this worked out fine for you.Boost Performance on Android by Tweaking the Kernels Task Scheduler [Part 1]. Reply App by Google Brings Smart Reply Feature to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Others. Try clearing cache data from the Facebook app and Messenger app. If notifications still dont appear, try reinstalling the app.Method One Enabling Auto-Sync on Android. Go to the home screen and tap on Menu. Facebooks official suite of apps include Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups, Facebook at Work, and Facebook Mentions (if youre famous).10 best Android browsers of 2017. Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Application Development and Deployment. BaaS Platform. Data Connectivity and Integration. As youve noted, the native Facebook on Android does still properly implement App Links. However, the native app on iOS has not done so for some time now, which is a known issue that Facebook has essentially written off as wontfix. The mobile web URL is set and it works fine on iOS devices HTTPS certificate is correct and set properly. Facebooks own documentation states that it will open the app in a web view if theWait for the approval of the facebook team. After this your application will run on Android, iOS and Web. Facebook Videos Not Working On Android Facebook Videos Not Working On Android this problem persist due to many reasons. -- -> Delete the application and re-install Facebooks Messenger app will stop working for a number App Links on Android. Your app can post stories to news feed. When people click on those stories, Facebook can send people to either your app or your apps App Store page. This drives traffic and app installs. For Android 2.3.6 everything works as should, user gets prompt login dialog, enters data and app goes on. I thought that it was android versions fault but it turs out that the login isnt working when there is facebook application installed on the phone! Facebook on Android exits immediately when sharing with it from my app. create applink object using Facebooks Mobile Hosting API in android. Facebook app links in Android not working from my test server. Facebook App Universal Links not working. Website to app routing on iOS 9.3.2. Sitemap generation.Note that http and https schemes are used in case of Android App Links (available only on Android 6 onwards).

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