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Processors now come as dual core, triple core and quad core.The Core Duo is Intels first generation dual core processor based upon the Pentium M (a Pentium III-4 hybrid) made mostly for laptops (though a few motherboard manufacturers have released desktop boards supporting the Core Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual core are different in a way the pentium dual core, is a Pentium D, hence why Pentium Dual core computers are cheaper.In general, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad are your best bets now. I have Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZRJ/H laptop with these specs: Chipset Intel PM45 Socket P Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor P8700 (2.53 GHz, 3as long as Sonys bios can accept the Quad Cores, an update might be needed, most likely youll run into power issues, due to the power difference. These became known as multi-core processors and include dual core, quad core, hexa-core and octa-core processors.The 2 refers to the 2nd generation of processors. In a nutshell, there is no particular difference between dual-core processors as Core 2 Duo is simply a series of dual- core Core 2 Duo vs Core 2 Quad: DEATHMATCH YouTube. The Core 2 Duo is pitted up against its tough big brother, the Core 2 Quad. Butdoes have a Is there any major difference regarding performance between Core2Duo and Core2Quad? Will I get significant increase in speed if I use a Quad instead of Core2Duo for Vista and Windows 7? So I would like to ask what is the difference between Core 2 Duo E8400 and Core 2 Quad Q9400 and thus which is better and why? Thank you. LGA775 Core2Duo, Core2Quad OVERCLOCKING guide. By harrynowl, October 13, 2014 in Guides and Tutorials 848 replies.Ill choose two popular ones, the Q6600 Core2Quad and the E8400 Core2Duo. Difference between dual core and core 2 duo - Forum.I would still probably get a core 2 quad just because it actually can out do some I5s. but the core 2 duo is awesome as far as price to performance goes. (Though even they can provide a sufficient performance level for many users, necessarily being very cheap -- top Core 2 Duo processors cost just as much or even more than the cheapest Core 2 Quad products.) I dont think Im going to notice a difference when Im using photoshop or video editing ( I dont even edit videos) in between the two processors.

Similar Topics. Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad. Anyway, I was originally looking at getting a Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHZ CPU, but I was wondering how much difference it would make if I went for a Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHZ CPU. Queries Solved: Difference between Intel Dual Core VS Core 2 Duo Which one is Fast Better Performer Intel Pentium D VS Core 2 Duo VS Dual CoreThat is what we call Two Cores or Dual Core. Nowadays Quad Cores (4 cores) and even Dual Quad Cores (8 Cores) are there in market. (Dell has a Quad Core, 4, processor computer and Mac has a Dual Quad Core processor, yes 8 processors). The main difference is that core duo is 32-bit processor, where as Core 2 Duo is 64-it processor, also for Core 2 Duo, the cache memory is 4MB compared to 2MB of Core Duo. Released in 2008, the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 and the Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 belong to Intel Corporations Core 2 family of PC processors, or central processing units (CPUs). There are major differences, however, between the two components.

Design Th. Core 2 duo has 2 cores on 1 processor Core 2 quad has 4 cores on 1 processor. Core 2 Quad is two Core 2 Duo processors placed together.The performance different between Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad is not much because most of the current applications do not use all the 4 cores efficiently. How do Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Pentium D differ from eachother?Quad CPU Computers that have 4 seperate CPUS on the same machine. After this brief explaination, here is how the technology is shaped Whats the difference between the Intel Dual-Core(brand name) processor and the Core 2 Duo?The Core 2 Quad has four cores in its package. In applications that utilize multithreading, such as Photoshop or video editing, you will see a tremendous improvement over a Core 2 Duo at the same Are the the new core 2 duo systems suppose to be superior to the quads just because they are a little faster? I mean, is 2 cores at 3.2 Ghz that much better than 4 cores at say 2.5 Ghz ? The Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo are not from the same family of CPUs, so their clock speeds are by no means directly comparable.In this case, however, the difference is probably a good indicator that the Core 2 Quad is superior. Therefore multi-tasking can achieve its best performance if there is more than one core. AMD Phenom II X2 and Intel Core Duo are two examples of dual core processors.What is the difference between a Dual Core and a Quad Core? by Tech Radar (Feb, 2008). Review. Differences. Benchmarks.Individual core benchmark performance. Core2 Quad Q6600. 5.7. Core2 Duo E6750. The Core 2 brand refers to Intels x86/x86-64 microprocessors with the Core microarchitecture targeted at the consumer and business markets (except servers) above Pentium. The Core 2 solo branch covered single-core CPUs for notebook computers Core 2 is a brand encompassing a range of Intels consumer 64-bit x86-64 single-, dual-, and quad-core CPUs based on the Intel Core microarchitecture.Intel Core 2 Duo and intel dual core differences. Intel Core2 Duo Processors and Intel Core2 Extreme Processors on 45-nm Process for Platforms based on Mobile Intel 965 ExpressAM Intel Celeron processor 400 sequence AN Intel Pentium Dual- Core processor AO Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 3200 Series AP In reply to: Quad core or Core 2 Duo?? adobe photoshop is already optimized for multi-threaded operation and can take full advantage of a quad core. if you regularly process large raw photos, youll see a big speed boost from the q6600. New PC buyers would be facing one major questions, though its quite confirm that it would be a Core 2 (Duo / Quad) processor but now there is 2 versions of it.I would be trying to list few basic difference between these processors from an end user point a view. The immediate difference one may find is A Core i7 CPU is not going to perform badly in games at all, but the Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad setups are a better value if all you do is game. Most games are actually only optimized to run on a dual core system, so there isnt a big difference when upgrading even to a socket 775 quad core. There is no difference between dual core and core 2 duo.

Intel just name its recent family of dual core processors as "core 2 duo".To be blunt, the Core 2 duo has two proccesing cores while Core 2 quad has four proccessing cores. Core 2 Duo with high GHz or Core 2 Quad with low GHz?In cases were a single threaded app runs faster on a single core or dual core compared to a quad core the difference is typically in the 1 percent range. -What is the difference between Intels "dual core" CPU and their "core 2 duo" CPU? Dont they both have 2 "cores." -While were at it, what exactly is aSo a Core 2 Duo is a dual core processor made on a single die, and a Core 2 Quad is a quad core processor made on two dual core dies. Native Quad Core Intel Core i7 processors have 4 native cores meaning there are 4 different cores given on a single physical die compare to Core 2 Quad where we have 2 die having 2 cores eachWe already have -extreme-quad-duo-vs-core Brand Name: Core i7. Product Number: i7-7500U. Ordering Code: SC3120AKIT. SPEC Code: SR 2PA. Code Name: Kaby Lake. Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q8400. A complete list of benchmarks, that show difference in performance between Core 2 Duo E6750 and Intel Q9400 in various types of applications, can be found in the Benchmarks section.Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400. CINEBENCH R10 CPU score benchmark. A list chipsets, compatible with E8400, is based on CPU support lists, published our website quad/duo successor mobile version line using cores upon microarchitecture, july 27, 2006. Hello I have got an HP Compaq 6710b laptop running windows 7 32-bit x86 SP1 basically, difference between dual just in The Core 2 Duo is pitted up against its tough big brother, the Core 2 Quad. But does have a Core 2 Quad really make a difference in gaming? Does the extra Categorized under Objects | Difference Between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo .All processors that have 2 cores in them are collectively called as dual core processors regardless of which manufacturer it came from, while those that have 4 processors in a single chip are called quad core. (Difference between Intel Core i7 and Core 2 Duo).It offers better performance than almost all Core 2 Duo processors. Native Quad Core, More Cache and Hyper Threading The basic difference is that a Core 2 Duo contains two cores in a single CPU, while a Core 2 Quad contains four. There are often differences in the size of the Level 2 cache present on each, and Core 2 Quad CPUs tended to run at lower clock rates, since the two additional cores they have Difference intel core 2 duo - capital, Queries solved: what is the difference between intel core 2 duo vs quad core ? performance differenceDual core core 2 duo - cpus - tom hardware, Like the topic says whats the difference between an intel dual core processor and the core2duo? they are both The Difference Between the iMac Dual-Core Quad Core? 3.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5? What is difference in core 2 duo and dual core technologyare both same? Many people dont know the difference between Core i7, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Dual core and Pentium D processors. You can call this a processor buying guide. So lets understand this in detail. Core 2 duos only have two cores and quad cores have 4.But after the Pentium D, Core 2, and Core 2 Duo a CPU package may have two processing cores. This mean twice amount of processing can occur. Nowadays Quad Cores (4 cores) and even Dual Quad Cores (8 Cores) are there in market. In a laymans tongue heres an example.Queries Solved: What is the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo vs Quad Core ? I am so confused about it, i just want to know the MAIN difference between Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, i5 and i7. And which is quickest. Home Forums > Hardware and Technology > CPUs and Overclocking >. Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad. Discussion in CPUs and Overclocking started by dcova, Oct 20, 2007. Core 2 Duo processors come with higher clock speed than Core Duos and are meant for intense computing requirement like image, video processing, 3D gaming, etc.In a Core 2 Quad processor, there are two units, each consisting of 2 processors, making four processors in total. Real computers have Core 2 Quads and i7s(the newest generation of intels microprocessors) under their hoods!As one of the members said,the main difference between the core duo and dual core processors is the end of p4 technology in core 2 duo processor.The best processor is core 2 duo as What difference intel processor?, I am so confused about it, i just want to know the main difference between core 2 duo, core 2 quad, core i3, i5 and i7. and which is quickest Intel core - wikipedia, Core 2 duo

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