javascript custom confirm box with yes and no





There is confirm Box popup in JavaScript that can be used to get confirmation from user.There must be two options in confirm box "ok" and "cancel". or may be yes or no. Syntax to write confirm: confirm("yourMesg") custom confirm box with YES and NO - Experts Yes No confirmation dialog in crm 2011. if there is possible to create yes no confirmation dialog box in crm you can use the standard confirm javascript There is not direct option in JavaScript to get Yes/No buttons in a Confirm dialog. But, we can create a customized dialog box with our own HTML tags, controls and scripts and show it as a confirmation dialog using window.showModalDialog() function. As with all JavaScript dialog boxes, the yes/no box is extremely easy to invoke. It can be done by simply passing a desired string message to be displayed through the confirm() function. By comparing the boolean value returned by this function call 29 How Can I Have "confirm Dialog" With Javascript confirm box only allow OK but i was wanting a box with "Yes" "No" and "Cancel without having to defineToday we will learn to create a custom confirm box using JavaScript If clicked no, then hide the confirm box and I have a function called showModalConfirmDialog that creates a custom javascript made dialog box with two buttons Yes/No and dims the background.Recommendjquery - Bootbox javascript confirm dialog box. unlike in normal yes /cancel dialog that dialog box, when the user click on the cancel button no code will be executed.