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Configuring the Viewport. Safari on iOS displays webpages at a scale that works for most web content originally designed for the desktop.If you are already familiar with the viewport on iOS, read Using the Viewport Meta Tag for details on the viewport tag and Viewport Settings for Web Applications Galery News for Viewport Meta Tag Not Working Android.Responsive Meta Tag | CSS-Tricks. 17 Mar 2014 Youll probably want this in your CSS as well: -ms- viewport width: device-width So while our relative sizing is technically working, its not going to be terribly useful or make our content more readable and accessible until we add an important tag to the head of our html template file: the viewport meta tag. Specifically this meta tag, . Im currently making my theme responsive and so far, all my css media queries are not working at all. This is how it works. Briefly. If you are not coding a responsive site, just dont use any meta viewport.The most important part of the viewport tag is telling the browser whats the width of your website. If we code it like this Viewport tag not working. I am trying to get my site to scale on mobile devices. I have added the code < meta name"viewport" content"widthdevice-width" /> to the head but when I load the site it loads zoomed in instead of showing the whole site on load. Ive found a way to resolve that issue on Android devices, with some degree of success, as described and implemented below. 2) What Im finding to be conventional wisdom just isnt working.


eg: Accessibility>Zoom, then this will override meta tag.Source.Tags: android iphone html meta-tags viewport. Seems like it does not work perfectly for everyone. I tried it and it works fine with the phones but problems are there on samsung tablet.i tried all these meta tags on my website but no one of them worked meta name viewport widthdevice-width meta nameviewport contentwidth The viewport meta tag supports a handful of other properties for the "content" attributeAfter that, you can get to work with changing your pages layout depending on the devices dimensions, CSS pixel density, and more. Ive set up an Android TV app using a Webview object and followed the explicit directions as to getting the meta tags width/height defined (so that they are used when rendering the app). No matter what I do to alter the attributes of the meta tag My intention is to prevent user from zooming in or out. The above code isnt working in iPhone and Android. Any solution ? EDIT: It appears in iPhone settings, if.I use this tag to prevent zoom on all mobile platforms : in the header. For the first week and a half, this worked perfectly, and then last night, it stopped working. Viewport Meta Tag Not Working!I tried adding meta viewport tag in the header of the HTML markup like the following but the viewport meta tag just wouldnt fix this layout issue. I use this tag to prevent zoom on all mobile platforms : . Hello I have the following website which I am trying to set up with the viewport tag to be rendered in mobile phones for example on a full screen, but it seems that the tag is not working, any suggestions how I can resolve this problem ? this is the Somehow, this viewport does works on iphone, but not on Galaxy S3. Ive tested Android phones with smaller screens, they worked also.Any help would be appreciated! :) I got it working by changing the meta viewport-tag to Accepted Solutions. Re: How to fix mobile viewport meta tag? Options.It worked. :-) Now Im only 50 non-compliant instead of 80. Thnaks so much I have post a link on the UK board so hopefully your kudos will increase. Not entirely true, usually websites "hide" the address bar by moving the viewport up.It seems that these meta tags are supposed to be added dynamically by Sencha Touch itself. Ive made a responsive website and have used the viewport meta tag to fix the scaling on different devices.This is inferring that the viewport is not working correctly on Android devices. Any ideas why? How to parse strings values from tr table html? Scroll to last message on collection view is not working properly.

Opening ios browser w/java to send email.Ive made a responsive website and have used the viewport meta tag to fix the scaling on different devices. Then I tested it on a mobile. It didnt work - I was looking at a shrunken down version of the full-screen design. The solution, as it turned out, was simpleThis tutorial will teach you about using the viewport meta tag yourself, but if you need help creating a responsive website, there are plenty of Passing --enable-viewport in 5.7 would also enable the viewport meta tag reading from the page to setup the layout and scaling constraints. This doesnt seem to work anymore in 5.8. The Viewport-Meta-Tag is extremely important for mobile browsers. If you set the viewport width to (e.g.) 700px, the browser automticly zooms in to this value.Thank you so much JacksGT!! It worked! How do you like the site? Any suggestions regarding design? . Using the iPhone as an example, without that in place, mobile Safari renders your page at 980px and allows you to tap to zoom. With the above meta tag, you could also set the width to a specific value. In my part, Ive this viewport which work good on an Android (Nexus 5) and on iPhone.worked well on Samsung Galaxy S3. put this script to avoid pinch zoom. in latest version of safari, if meta tag not working. If i define viewport in my application as mentioned below.then media quires do not work. but if i remove meta tag from html then media quires work perfect. can anyone tell me why this is happening and what can be the fix? You should include the following viewport element in all your web pagesHere is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag Evgene Karachevtsev (Official Rep) June 01, 2015 20:46. Miguel, We are still working on it. The thread is marked as answered if there is at least one reply from an employee.I will likely just edit the viewport meta tag directly so the page isnt loaded twice. In my part, Ive this viewport which work good on an Android (Nexus 5) and on iPhone.put this script to avoid pinch zoom. in latest version of safari, if meta tag not working. You need to add a meta tag to you HTML, called Viewport Meta Tag.Render a page in desktop way never gonna works, no matter whether zoom or not. What the Viewport Meta Tag do to mobile browser? The viewport meta element is what turns a regular website page into a responsive page, and its also one of the number one reason for StackOverflow questions on why their media queries are not working.What is the viewport element?The viewport is a short tag that is included in the head of Viewport Meta Tag. A Pen By Oleksandr Myronov.The resource you are linking to is using the http protocol, which may not work when the browser is using https. Wrong NavigationBar position after modal dialog was shown while StatusBar is in "in call" mode. JSON Post method is not working swift. Viewport meta tag not working. 2012-07-04 09:41 pris imported from Stackoverflow. This virtual viewport is a way to make non-mobile-optimized sites in general look better on narrow screen devices. Enter viewport meta tag.Apples documentation does a good job explaining how web developers can use this tag, but we had to do some detective work to figure out exactly how to

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